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Wolf Treasure Pokies Review

There are many online pokies themed around animals, some of which are the most popular games around. That said, we’re sure you’ve never experienced one like Wolf Treasure. Animal-themed pokies explore the beauty and majesty of nature, but there’s nothing as effortlessly cool as a bunch of wolves howling at the moon.

Design of Wolf Treasure

At first glance, Wolf Treasure is very bright and inviting. The background of the pokie is a desert scene at night, with a purple and orange sunset behind the reels. Closer to the player are rock outcroppings and grass, creating a beautiful picture of the desert without only relying on sand.

One thing about Wolf Treasure that we absolutely need to mention is its sound design. When you’re spinning the reels, you’re treated to an instrumental tuneof guitar and flute over a drum pattern that encourages you to keep playing. If you don’t spin the reels for a few seconds, the music falls away, revealing the howls of wolves and other night-time animal sounds underneath.

Wolf Treasure Gameplay

The Wolf Treasure pokie is a fairly normal five-reel shot, though there are heaps of chances for bonus play, which we’ll cover in the next section of this expert review. As with many online pokies, the lower-paying spaces on the reels are represented by playing card symbols. Some slot machines try to apply the pokie’s theme to these symbols, and while that hasn’t happened here, they are stylized.

Both the King and Queen symbols have crowns; for some reason, the Ace icon integrates the Fleur-des-lis. We thought that it might be because IGTech is an Italian company and this might be a tribute to Florence, but it appears in Wolf Gold as well, so we’re not exactly sure what to make of this. In any case, it looks distinctive, which is what punters want pokie symbols to be.

The higher-paying symbols are all desert animals, such as a bison, eagle, horse, and lynx. They strike a good balance between being too cartoony and too realistic and are excellently animated. There are many pokie games which feature animals, so it’s important to be distinctive. Wolf Treasure is certainly up to the task.

Like most other pokies, Wolf Treasure has special symbols for punters to keep track of. The first of these is the Wild symbol, which is represented by the wolf. The Wild symbol can substitute for any symbol in a winning combination, with the exception of the two other special symbol types. The animation for the wolf, where it turns away from the punter and howls at the moon, is very striking.

The second special symbol, only appearing on the first, third, and fifth reels, is the Scatter. Unlike other high-value icons, the Scatter is represented by the desert landscape, a huge rock outcropping that extends into the night sky. Spinning three Scatters is how you activate one of Wolf Treasure’s bonus features.

There is one last symbol that is tied to unlocking Wolf Treasure’s jackpots and getting the game’s best payout: the money icon, which is represented by the full moon and has a cash amount on top of it. Using these symbols to create a payline will earn you the amount of money indicated on them, but in order to get to the bonus round, you’ll need to have six of them appear across the reels.

Bonuses and Promotions with Wolf Treasure

Wolf Treasure has lots of bonus features, making it a great real money pokies game. One of the first things punters are sure to notice that there are three jackpots available: mini, major, and mega. If you’re lucky enough to spin six money symbols, the money respin feature is triggered.

Respin bonuses are pretty common in online pokies, but Wolf Treasure’s has a unique twist. During this bonus game, punters will only be able to spin money symbols or empty spaces. The reels start with whatever six money symbols triggered the feature, and the goal is to cover every reel with money symbols. You start out with three respins, with every money symbol you spin setting the number of respins back to three.

When you run out of respins, the feature ends. You win the total sum of the values on every money symbol, which can add up to a top payout. If you’re lucky enough to have filled every reel with money symbols, you win the mega jackpot on top of everything else.

While the money respin feature isn’t the easiest thing to trigger on the Wolf Treasure pokie, the high payouts it results in makes it the best bonus available. Add in the fact that both the mini and major jackpots can appear on money symbols, and it’s clear that this feature is worth playing the game to try to trigger.

If you’re looking for something with lower stakes, Wolf Treasure has you covered. If you can manage to spin three Scatter symbols, you’ll be awarded with five free spins. The best thing about Wolf Treasure’s free spins is that the middle three reels are combined into one big symbol. This is a win-win; it shows off the game’s great artwork, and makes getting a winning payline that much easier.

You can also get more free spins by spinning more Scatter symbols, and unlike most other online pokies, there’s no limit to the amount of spins you can earn. It won’t last forever, but chaining a few rounds of free spins together can net you a grouse payout.

An important point to make is that any free spins earned as part of a welcome bonus or bonus package from an online casino will probably apply to the regular, five-reel version of the Wolf Treasure pokie.

Developer of Wolf Treasure

Wolf Treasure was developed by IGTech, an Italian company that prefers the quality of their games to speak for them. While the name may lead to some confusion with IGT, another casino games provider, IGTech brings heaps of unique and interesting titles to Australian online casinos. Even though IGTech is a smaller company, with fewer than 50 pokies to their name, punters should not overlook them because of this. Otherwise, they risk missing out on pokies with ace design, compelling features, and fun experiences.