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Best Pokies Apps for Real Money in Australia 2023

As the number of players of online casinos move from desktop to mobile play, so apps are also increasingly popular. An alternative to playing through a browser, apps allow for a more personalised experience.

What is a Pokies App?

A pokies app is an application you can download onto your mobile device that allows you to play pokies at an online casino. They also offer a more personalised and streamlined experience to the casino; they may also offer exclusive bonuses for downloading the app.

The app can be downloaded either from the casino directly – there’s often an icon on the main menu – or from an app store. There are also pokies apps that aren’t tied to any particular casino, instead allowing you to choose from a range of different pokie machines to play. These are downloaded from game stores such as Apple and Google.

Real Pokies App v Browser

Not every casino has an app available, but those which do often promote them with bonuses. But what is the difference between play through an app or through a browser such as Chrome?

Device memory If you’re playing with a general app, i.e. one not tied to a casino, it may be that you can download the pokies games directly onto your device. This, of course, will take up a lot of  memory on your phone or tablet. This is not the case when you play through a browser, no memory is affected.

Up-to-date software Playing through the browser, you need to make sure that you have the latest version. If you’re not using the most up-to-date browser, you could find the casino is slow or some aspects do not function properly. Furthermore, you may not be able to download the app with an outdated browser.

Internet connection Whichever operator you are with you need a decent 4G/5G connectivity, or are in a solid Wi-Fi area when playing with a browser. You won’t want to lose your game mid-spin or when you’re on a multiplier. However, if your mobile game does crash, the casino will usually reset the game at the point you lost connection.

Range of games Finally, many mobile real money pokie apps won’t have the full range of pokies. For example, an online casino may have 1,000 games whilst the app only carries  a fraction of them.

Benefits of a Real Money Pokies App

There are a number of benefits to mobile gambling, whether using an app or not, but let’s look specifically at apps.

High level of security

As well as the security you’ll find from an app store, the online casino will also have very high levels of security to protect your data and funds. In most cases, data is encrypted using SSL encryption, which is the same as banks use. Apps may also boast two-factor authentication, preventing third parties from taking advantage of your account.

Access to the casino on the go

You can use all the features of the casino, wherever you may be. All you need is a mobile device and an internet connection. The casino’s design will be adapted for the different screen sizes when accessed through the app, so you won’t lose any of the visual appeal.

Special bonuses

Casino operators often want to promote their app and do so through special bonuses. The bonuses could be for free spins or a percentage match-up giving you more to play with.

Unique games

In some cases, though admittedly not many, there are games which have been designed solely for mobile play. These will be available via the app or browser and not via a desktop.

Popular Devices for a Real Money Pokies App

With so many devices on the market it can be difficult to know which to choose. What is good to know is that you can enjoy your pokies app on any smartphone based on modern platforms. As long as the phone has a modern browser, you can launch the casino’s website. Android and iOS users can also download the app easily.

The most popular smartphones in Australia are:

  1. Apple
  2. Samsung
  3. Huawei
  4. Oppo

Top Games for a Pokies App

The 5 most popular real money pokies in Australia on an app are listed below. They are designed for the small screen with superb graphics and game play.

Mobile pokies Themes RTP
Cash Bandits 2 Action 97%
Good Girl Bad Girl Fantasy 97.8%
Dead or Alive Cowboys & Indians 96.82%
Buffalo Wild Animals 94.9%
Lightning Link Action, History, Sci-Fi 95.1%

Best Pokies App in Australia FAQs

Can you win real money on pokies app?

Yes, you can win real money when playing on a pokies app, provided you wager with real money.

Is there an app to play slots for real money?

To play slots for real money on an app you’ll need to download one that is associated with a casino. Internet Pokies reviews tell you whether there is an app associated with a casino, making it easy for you to make an educated decision.

How do I install pokies apps?

If you’re downloading from an App Store, simply click on the app and then click on Install. The app will automatically download onto your smartphone or tablet. If you’re downloading from a casino, the process is the same, click on the link on the casino website, then click install. With the casino app, you’ll have the same access to your casino account as you would on the desktop.

What is the best pokies app?

Best is always subjective – if you like a casino, then you’ll probably enjoy the app too. As the number of apps is not equal to the number of online casinos, you may need to try a few to find one you like.

Are pokies apps popular in Australia?

Yes, they are. The majority of players use their mobile for online gambling, so it follows that apps are also popular

Are my details safe with an app?

Yes, the app will have the same encryption as the website version. Just make sure your mobile device is locked when you’re not playing. Also, keep your passwords safe and consider using two-factor authentication where possible.

Can I play a pokies app on Android?

Yes, a casino app will be available for both Android and iOS platforms and can be played on smartphones such as the latest iPhone, Samsung, Oppo or Huawei. For non-casino apps, iOS users can only download apps from the Apple Store.

What’s the biggest jackpot on an app?

The game jackpots are the same on the app as the website. Some progressive jackpots go into the millions and there’s no reason you can’t win that on an app if the game is on there.

Where do I find the best pokies apps?

The leading casinos with apps will have it available for download directly from their website. Apps for free play pokies are also available in app stores such as Google Play and Apple.

Can I play all pokies on an app?

No, not every pokie is available via an app. Many of the popular online pokies, particularly the newest ones, are available for mobile play. However, some of the older games are not compatible with apps. Furthermore, to keep the apps streamlined, many casinos do not have all the pokie games available via the app.