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Wolf Gold Free Spins No Deposit in Australia 🎖️

Do you want to play free spins no deposit on Wolf Gold in Australia?

A classic favourite amongst gamers, the Wolf Gold slot is a top hit due to its free spins no deposit. The Native American theme draws in players from around the globe.

Therefore, you can expect to find it in the lobby of many online casinos. We delve into the mysterious world surrounding the wolf and bring to you the highlights of Wolf Gold free spins.

History About Wolf Gold

The debut of this popular Pragmatic Play creation was back in 2017. Since then the 5 reels and 25 paylines slot game has been attracting players seeking free spins. In addition to its innovative features, Wolf Gold offers a maximum payout of 125,000 coins. Furthermore, the slot has a medium to high RTP of 96%, offering frequent payouts. Despite dated graphics, this Pragmatic Play slot delivers an interactive gaming experience. To find out more about the features you can activate, read about them here.

 5 Free Spins On Wolf Gold

You can activate the initial 5 free spins bonus feature easily. Here all you need to do is land a scatter symbol on reels 1, 3, and 5. Accordingly, Native American land, highlighted in golden hues, represents the scatter symbols. The scatter symbol can only appear on these reels and 3 of them unlock 5 free spins.

8 Free Spins On Wolf Gold

The first step to unlocking more free spins is to activate the bonus round. As mentioned above, to do so, you must land the scatter symbols on the reels. Once this round is active, you can unlock an additional 3 free spins. This is a necessary step in triggering additional free spins. Therefore, when you activate the free spins round, you will need to land an additional number of 3 more scatters!

21 Free Spins On Wolf Gold

Upon unlocking the free spins bonus round, you can further your luck by landing 3 more scatter symbols. Again, the scatter is represented by the image of Native American mountains. You will find that there is an additional wolf symbol that expands over the middle 3 reels if you hit it lucky!

Unlimited Free Spins On Wolf Gold

During gameplay, the free spins bonus round can be re-triggered over and over again! There are no limits as to how many free spins you stand to unlock during the game. For example. When you are playing the bonus round, you unlock 3 additional free spins when the scatter appears anywhere on the reels. This may occur consecutively and if so, you will receive 3 free spins each time it does occur.

In addition to this lucrative bonus round, you get to observe the majestic power of reels 2, 3, and 4 forming a GIANT symbol. Here you unlock big wins and increase your opportunity of landing additional free spins.

To unlock even more winnings, find the Money Re-spin feature where the moon symbols fill all 15 positions on the screen. Here you unlock 1000x your wager! This round is the Mega Jackpot round, and if you wager big, you can unlock the 5000 coin jackpot reward.

 FAQ About Wolf Gold

Naturally, there are questions that first-time players need to ask to better understand the game. Also, these FAQs are necessary to better the odds of a player winning. Hence, it is important to know a bit more about Wolf Gold. So to give you a better understanding of the game, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions. Hopefully, you find the answer to your question right here!

 What is Wolf Gold?

This is a video slot casino game that is a Pragmatic Play invention. It comes standard with 5 reels, 3 rows, and 25 fixed paylines. In addition, it is an online and land-based casino gaming sensation. Furthermore, the theme focuses on the spirit behind the power of the wolf and a Native American mystical journey through the wilderness.

 What is Wolf Gold RTP?

Software gaming developers formulate how long a game will take to payout over time. They also estimate how much of the wager staked will be returned to the player at this time. The RTP% is then on display for players to see and determine whether they wish to play the game. In the instance that you wish to find out what the RTP of Wolf Gold is, you can bank on an estimated RTP of 96%.

 Who is Wolf Gold’s Game Provider?

Pragmatic Play is the creator of Wolf Gold. Furthermore, the gaming software brand is a front-runner in the iGaming industry. Pragmatic Play first came into existence in 2015. Since then, the brand has delivered many top-quality games with high payouts. Moreover, players can enjoy realistic payouts and games that offer higher jackpot payouts. The brand makes its mark in history with the release of Wolf Gold, a famous game in many renowned casinos around the globe.

How to win on Wolf Gold?

Though wins are never guaranteed, you can manipulate the odds in your favour. How you do this is by managing your bankroll. This is what you use to make wagers. So, where you would begin with big bets, rather make smaller ones. For example, in the beginning, before you get to know the game, place smaller bets and gradually increase them. Additionally, you can also better your chances of a win by reading and following the paytable on Wolf Gold. You will find this under the settings of the slot.

What are the minimum and maximum bets on Wolf Gold?

When you play slot games, you get to choose how much you wish to wager. This is the amount you stake on each spin. In this game, your minimum wage is $0.25 and the maximum bet is $125. Also, you can adjust this amount as you play and increase or decrease your bet as you play. You can manage your bankroll by adjusting your bets and not only playing with the minimum wager or the maximum wager.